Yoga And Meditation Programs



When you talk about yoga, you should think of the concept of "holistic". Yoga as a life philosophy; It aims to integrate the body, mind and soul with the universe by working in harmony. The word 'Yoga' is derived from the Sanskrit root 'Yuj', meaning 'to join' or 'to yoke' or 'to unite'.One of the meanings of the word "yoga" derived from this root; combine.


According to a study coducted at Boston University School of Medicine in 2011, a serious reduction int he anxiety problems of people who practiced yoga regularly for 12 weeks was observed. The reason fort his is that the level of gammaaminobutyric acid in the brain increases after doing yoga and the release of stress hormone decreases.


  1. Increases flexibility and balance.
  2. Increases strength.
  3. Positive contribution to heart health.
  4. May reduce chronic pain.
  5. Reduces stress and anxiety.
  6. Improves sleep quality.
  7. Regulates breathing.
  8. Provides healthy eating habits.


"The name given to the techniques and experiences of controlling the mind that allow a person to attain inner peace, tranquility, different states of consciousness and reach his own being"

Meditation is a spiritual purification technique practiced in many cultures and religions.
With alertness and concentration exercises, the person collects himself and rests his mind and soul.
Meditation is considered to be an established and awareness-raising technique in Eastern cultures.
The state of unconsciousness in question is named differently according to each belief.
Emptiness, awareness, being oneness, being in the here and now, freedom in thought.


  1. It controls stress and anxiety.
  2. It improves self-awareness.
  3. It reduces age-related memory loss.
  4. It allows to produce kindness.
  5. It helps in combating addictions.
  6. It ensures a quality sleep.
  7. It helps control pain.
  8. It lowers blood pressure.


You will experience Turkey's green nature, the turquoise-blue sea and the harmony of the fertile soil in the Mediterranean Region coast and the Aegean Region coast. You can easily surrender to the magic of virgin nature.

Kazdagları Region is one of the places with the cleanest air in the world. It is a geography where campers, those who want to go hiking and history lovers come together. The cool waters of the Zeytinli Brook that passes through it are almost perfect for swimming, walking, yoga and meditation. In the camps; You can find both vegetarian and meat menu opportunities with the vegetables grown in the gardens and the magnificent dishes combined with the natural olive oil of the village.

Kabak Bay has a very natural appearance with its steep cliffs and vegetation around it. The region is intertwined with nature and is generally preferred by people who want to relax, seek calmness and are not very excited. Naturally, we can say that there is a calmness in the bay. The sea welcomes you with its turquoise color that attracts you. If you think the camp is not for you, you can stay in bungalow houses and pensions in Faralya above Kabak bay. Let us point out that many places in Faralya have magnificent views of Kabak Bay. In addition, one of the best yoga centers in the world is located in Gocek. You can take advantage of different activities such as boat rides, mountain walks, and Göcek Islands tour. Fethiye (Faralya, Kabak, Göcek), which is in a very important position among Muğla holiday resorts, is very suitable for Yoga and Meditation. Bays, nature parks and historic sites with great natural wealth of Fethiye, one of Turkey's most valuable vacation paradise.

Kusadasi National Park is a unique face of nature in Aydin. This natural wonder national park is the home of hundreds of different vegetation and wild animals, some of which are endemic today. It is a paradise corner that embraces you with all of it's historical and natural beauties. While enjoying yoga and meditation in this heavenly cove where the most beautiful shades of green and blue meet, along with daily tours, nature walks, safari activities, cultural walks, bird watching and botanical tours are among the things that can be done.

Paradise-like facilities have rooms designed as stone houses. It gives you a quiet and completely special comfort in nature. You can enjoy practicing yoga in the sounds of nature. There are also tree house and bungalow options for accommodation in our facilities. Depending on your request; you can bring your own tent or stay in the luxury tents of the facilities.

Foods & Beverages:
You can collect your food from the field and buy your eggs from the coop in the spaces designed with the understanding of returning to the village and embracing those who complain about the noise and timelessness of the city. You can enjoy the greenhouse and natural farming area where you can experience the silence in the oxygen-filled forest. There are also kitchens that serve vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

We also prepare on-demand special group programs for institutions.