Why Turkey for health tourism?

Why Turkey for health tourism?

Turkey made huge investments and developments in health and medical tourism sector over the past years. Ministry of Health pioneered numerous of reform. Also, the quality and the productivity of the medical system have been upgraded. With modern hospitals, educated human force, professional doctors, enhanced technological infrastructure, geographical position and experience Turkey provides better and more economical medical services comparing to European standards.

Well known accreditation commissions accredited most of the private hospitals. There are many JCI ( Joint Commissions International) accredited hospitals and clinics in Turkey. Also, Turkey is a unique medical tourism destination. Its geographical position, medical facilities, well educated medical staff, thermal springs and natural beauties present unique options.

Both with cultural, historical treasures and high level of medical profession, our country is in top 10 favorite countries globally. In the year 2018, our country had 46 million visitors for touristic purposes. Furthermore with its medical facilities, Turkey provided competetive price options in the health tourism sector. A limited number of authorised medical tourism agency can fulfill the high quality standard policy of the Government. Consequently, those agencies are going to play a crucial role in providing patients the best solutions in Turkey.

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