Why Hygia Med?

Why Hygia Med?

Hygia Med is an intermediary company of Meditrina Tourism Health Consultancy Limited Company; accredited and audited by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.

Hygia Med Health Travel Agency aim to deliver the best results by combining the 101 years of experience accumulation of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health with modern and up to date; both visually and technically hospitals and health services infrastructure and experienced doctors.

Cooperating with the doctors who specialize and have an outstanding success in their own field and accommodating our patients in the most modern hotels/hospitals are only some of the reasons why as Hygia Med; we are considered as a five-star medical tourism company.

We provide accurate diagnosis and accordingly correct medical treatment in the hospitals with the comfort of a 5-star hotel; with the doctors who have proven themselves with their experience. We are committed to provide high performance and quality service at a reasonable price.

As Hygia Med, we provide various treatment services for our valuable patients, where we take care of you from the moment you arrive in Turkey until the moment you fly back home. In addition, our patients get the TURKEY EMERGENCY HEALTH CARD, a health insurance with a coverage of up to 30.000 € , free of charge, against "sudden discomfort and diseases", that may occur outside of the treatment booked with us.