Turkey Emergency Health Card

Emergency Health Card

One of the biggest causes of stress for every person traveling abroad is that they do not know how to deal with possible health-related situations such as sudden illnesses, accidents and injuries, traffic accidents, and deaths. Turkey Emergency Health Card offers you the most responsive emergency medical services on the market in Turkey.

As Hygia Med family, we have eliminated all problems and obstacles on your behalf.

Now we're here on behalf of you in your potential health problems with Turkey Emergency Health Card

Turkey Emergency Health Card ready to serve the foreign guests from the moment of entrance at our border with easy access and quick solution for all kinds of health services.

Turkey Emergency Health Card can be purchased immediately and will take the necessary actions against all kinds of medical problems from the moment of entrance to the Turkish border.

You can make healthcare faster, safer, more efficient and less costly!

Emergency Health Card offers free medical treatment insurance up to € 30,000.

Turkey Emergency Health Card offers additional medical treatment insurance policy of Anadolu Sigorta with a coverage of up to € 30,000, free of charge.

Emergency Health Card

Turkey Emergency Health Card is at your service in two scopes.

1. Coverage within the scope of Hygia Med:

  • 10% discount on medical health services provided by Hygia Med.
  • V.I.P priority during the treatment at the hospitals/ doctors / clinics providing Hygia Med medical health service.
  • Provides incentive refund at the rate of 50% (up to $ 1,000 in total) on air fares, for the flights from some of the countries; for some of the special health treatments, in some healthcare facilities with Health Tourism certificate.
  • Provides free interpreter support in health facilities with health tourism certificate. (English, Russian and Arabic. Other languages are optional)
  • In case of traffic accidents, other accidents and traumas that may occur, provides free-of-charge land and air ambulance support from the place of action to the emergency entrance of the nearest health institution.
  • Carries out treatment or hospitalization procedures of the patient.
  • It undertakes to provide the patient's legal rights before the hospital / health institution / doctor where he / she will receive healthcare services in the best way.
  • In case of sudden health problems, notifies patients’ relative about their condition and contacts the necessary embassy.
  • We're here with one touch away from the Appstore and Google Play to download Turkey Emergency Health Card application.
  • Turkey Emergency Health Card is valid for 1 year with the services in this context.
  • Gives 24/7 call center support from the moment of arrival in Turkey till the day - card holder leaves Turkey, on +908504955555 or +905426739111

Except for the travel insurance you have already acquired,

Secure your health comprehensively with TURKEY EMERGENCY HEALTH CARD !!!

 We recommend you to purchase a health insurance policy with the Turkey Emergency Health Card - wide insurance coverage, valid at all borders of Turkey for 3 months (92 days) or 1 year (184 days), with single or multiple entries; from the moment of arrival in the country - until the moment of departure from the country.

2. Coverage within the scope of Anadolu Sigorta policy which is provided additionally by Turkey Emergency Health Card.

  • The purchased Turkey Emergency Health Card is valid for up to 3 months from the date of entrance to Turkey and the dates of arrival and departure need to be notified at sigortahygiamedturkey.com . The coverage period of insurance policy is “Anadolu Sigorta policy issuance date, the day of your arrival in Turkey and the day of departure”. You can request renewal of the period on your next arrival to Turkey. Hygia Med offers Turkey Emergency Health Card; a health insurance with a coverage of up to 30.000 Euros, free-of-charge, to its customers.
  • Sudden disturbances, accidents and injuries, traffic accidents, procedures related to death, medical treatment coverage.
  • Transportation to the nearest treatment facility where treatment will be given, and transfer to the airport after discharge.
  • Transport of the deceased in case of death.
  • Covid-19 treatment is included for people under/above 65 years old, if the disease is caught after their arrival in Turkey. The results of the pre-departure PCR test; performed before the departure from home country will be taken into consideration.