Treatment Planning Process


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How Do We Plan Your Treatments?


By contacting Hygia Med's Meditrina Health Service Coordinator, we will begin the treatment planning process as soon as the medical information and test results are sent.

Your information and medical examinations are examined by our best doctors - specialists, each of whom is the best in their field, we will inform you about the result of a mutual conclusion about the plan and treatment process, 

Medical examination and evaluation are provided to the patient in the form of feedback within 24 hours. If there are different treatments for our patients, alternative treatment options are offered when the patient is contacted. (we approach the patient with alternative treatments)

Hygia Med has not forgotten patients with disabilities and patients with chronic diseases. We carefully plan an individual trip for these patients.


Patient Transfer and Accommodation


In addition to hospitalization, we have hotel booking services where patients can be accommodated before / after or during their treatment.

If the patient has a request for treatment in the vacation concept, and if treatment is possible, we can provide medical services in the hospitals of the coastal cities in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

Alternatives are proposed according to the budget and the wishes of the patients.

The accompanying staff will meet the patient at the airport and transfer to the hotel where the patient will be staying. The next day, diagnostics, treatment and doctor's consultations are carried out.

During the treatment period, at the request of the patient; we can provide accompanying staff speaking your language (charged hourly), 

After completing the treatment, the patient is escorted from the hotel to the airport by the accompanying staff.


Treatment Process


Treatments are carried out at hospitals equipped with modern medical technology by experienced doctors.

We highly appreciate our team who speaks in different  foreign languages that help to our guests during their stay in Turkey.

 Our Interpreters/guides will assist the patients in 24/7.


After Treatment

The patient whose treatment is completed is transferred to the airport safely in the presence of an interpreter/guide.

Patients can always contact our company for check up after returning to their countries.

 In terms of all treatment processes of the patients, they and their relatives are informed by our Meditrina Health Services Consultancy team and specialist doctors.

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