Treatment of Eyelid

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is the process of removing excess fat, muscle and skin tissue in the lower and upper eyelids and tightening the areas around the eyes that support these tissues. With this surgical application, sagging upper and lower eyelids that are turned inward or outward, bagging due to excess fat accumulation and wrinkles around the eyes are corrected.

What is Droopy Eyelid?

It is an eye problem that is congenital or developed due to various reasons, and is seen as a low eyelid covering the colored part of the eye for more than one millimeter. Eyelid drooping should definitely be treated as it will cause problems such as aesthetics and narrowing in the field of vision. In children, droopy eyelids can cause lazy eye. If lazy eye has occurred, it must be operated up to the age of 6. The disease can be seen in people of all ages. It can be congenital or developed later. Eyelid drooping can often be caused by hereditary problems or muscle disorders.

What are the symptoms of low eyelid?

  • Trying to raise the eyelids by raising their eyebrows
  • A tired and dull expression on the face
  • Dry eyes or excessive tearing
  • Visual field narrowing

What are the treatments for Droopy Eyelid?

Treatment of the disease is possible surgically. Since this problem is seen at all ages, treatment methods may vary according to age groups. Generally, in pediatric patients, surgery is performed in order not to affect vision and to prevent lazy eye, and then the use of special glasses with closure treatment can be recommended and intervention with eye drops. If the patient is an adult, the excess tissue in the eyelid, which is visible from the outside and even decreases the level of vision, can be removed or the muscle can be intervened to strengthen the muscle holding the eyelid.

For eyelid drooping, when surgical intervention is required, treatment is performed by our specialist physicians. The treatment is operations that take about 20 minutes and are usually performed under local anesthesia.

What are Age-Related Eyelid Changes?

With aging, eyebrows and eyelids fall, inward or outward rotation in the lower eyelid, bags or depressions around the eyes and wrinkles occur. These complaints can also be seen in families in younger people. Changes around the cover give the person an unhappy, tired and sleepy appearance. The treatment method is determined according to the type of problem.

What is Lash Ingrown?

Eyelash ingrowth occurs congenitally or after some eyelid diseases, as a result of the inward rotation of the eyelid edge or just the eyelashes. They damage the transparent layer of the eye, which we call the cornea. Its treatment is surgery.


What is the Treatment of Congenital Disorders of the Eyelid?

It is the most common congenital eyelid defect. In addition, there may be eyelid disorders such as adhesion on the eyelid, inward or outward rotation on the lid edge, missing eyelid, and extra lash row. The treatment of these diseases is surgery.

Is Facial Paralysis Treatment Possible?

Facial paralysis occurs as a result of the nerve that provides the movements of the eyebrows, eyelids and face not working for any reason. In case of temporary paralysis, medical treatment is applied to protect the eye. Different surgical treatments are applied in permanent paralysis.

How are Detention Bags treated?

The most important reason for the formation of under-eye bags is genetics, in other words heredity. The second reason is thyroid disease. Under-eye bags give the person an older and tired look than they are. It is treated by removing excess adipose tissue or changing their location.

Operations can be performed under local anesthesia and their effects continue for a long time. Interventions on the lower eyelid can often be applied through the eyelid without the need to cut the skin. In this way, the problem of scarring or deformity on the valve after the operation is avoided.

What is Eyebrow Lift Operation?

In addition to eyelid excess, patients may also have low eyebrows. Usually depending on age or genetically, the outer sides of the eyebrows may fall down due to gravity. This fall creates excess skin on the cover by placing a load on the cover and spoils the aesthetic appearance.

In one of the treatment methods, an incision is made just above the eyebrows parallel to the eyebrow hair and the eyebrow is lifted upwards. This incision can be made with a scalpel or carbon dioxide laser. The incision scar can be seen in a hidden amount for 3-6 months. It is rarely applied.

The other method is an incision from the line of the lid with a technique similar to our first example. It is especially effective in lowering the outer part of the eyebrow at the rate of 1/3. It is a method that does not leave any marks on the eyebrows.


There is a rag at the bottom of each eyelash. These glands secrete and nourish and water the transparent layer (cornea), which is the foremost layer of our eyes. Thus, our vision becomes clear. Here, these cloth mouths are narrow in some people. Eyelash base glands become infected due to stenosis. Dandruff at the bottom of the eyelashes, loss of eyelashes and frequent inflammation, even by making a cyst on the lid, it creates a CHALASION.

Blepharitis is a chronic disease. The sick doctor goes around and seeks a cure. Each doctor gives a different antibiotic drop or cream, and the patient thinks they will be cured. The main treatment is warm dressing and cleaning the bottom of the eyelashes every morning. It is important to clean the eyelashes every day.


What is Almond Eye Aesthetics?

It is aimed to raise the eyes slightly in almond eye aesthetic operations. These operations, which have started to be performed quite frequently recently and make many women happy, provide a more aesthetic appearance to the face and eye area. Almond eye surgery provides a completely new and aesthetic appearance to the eye corners, where women deal with make-up the most and deformities occur over time.

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