The visit made by Himmet Sevil, who obtained "International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate

The visit made by Himmet Sevil, who obtained "International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate

Himmet Sevil also said that the aim of the public and private sector dynamism will be developed in cooperation with Aydın Provincial Health Directorate in order  to take its place  successfully in health tourism by using the high-equipped health infrastructure of Aydın,.

Aydın Provincial Health Director Dr. Osman Açıkgöz stated that as Aydın Provincial Health Directorate, they can provide all the necessary coordination, including the provincial directorate and all units for involving Aydın in the  Health Tourism. Afterwards, it is a great excitement and satisfaction for Meditrina Health Tourism Consultancy Company to obtain the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate for the Aegean Region of Aydın, Meditrina Health Tourism Consultancy aim’s to take its place in health tourism by using the dynamism of the Public and Private Sector in Aydın province successfully. Dr. Açıkgöz also stated that  "our cooperation, which we will carry out in coordination, will be very beneficial for both our city and for our very valuable foreign guests ".

On the other hand, Himmet Sevil stated that they are aware of the responsibilities of  Meditrina Health Consultancy Company & Hygia Med Health Tourism Agency to have the first and only Health Tourism Intermediary Authority in Aydın.

''Aydin Health Tourism '' has the opportunity to increase the tourism of Kuşadası and Didim, two distinguished districts opening to the sea,for 12 months in the  year the thing that will create a new employment area for valuable students who have graduated from Adnan Menderes University Tourism Faculty or Aydın Health Vocational School and/or  high school or the ones who are continuing their education. He stated that it is inevitable that it will contribute to the growth of trade volume for everyone who are tradesmen on the axis of Aydın - Kuşadası - Didim. ''

Aydin province health Directorate, will contribute in every sense of tourism, TheTurkish Emergency Health Card will provide emergency medical services  within the limits for  the  tourists arriving in Turkey, Turkey Emergency Medical Services in the last  preparation stage for providing the card that  will give Health Insurance Coverage.

in order to make  Aydın take the place which deserves in Health Tourism, as soon as possible, after Istanbul,Izmir and Antalya ,Sevil stated that they will visit Kuşadası Municipality, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, Aydın Adnan Menderes University Rectorate and Tourism Faculty Dean, Adnan Menderes University Health Tourism The Dean of Vocational School, Aydın Provincial Directorate of National Education, on the other hand, Anatolian Health Vocational High School Directorate, Kuşadası and the Chamber of Commerce, TÜRSAB and tourism related associations.

We thank Aydın Provincial Health Director Dr. Osman Açıkgöz for his hospitality.

We wish good luck to our city and country.

We wish you healthy days.