Pre-birth (Prenatal Period)

The gene, which is found in the cell chromosomes, which carries the hereditary character traits of a living thing and enables the transmission of these characteristics from generation to generation, is a part of the DNA chain. Each gene that provides the storage of information about the organism has a different role. Many features such as height, eye color and blood type are formed according to the information contained in the genes.

In cases of increased risk of chromosome anomaly in screening test during pregnancy, advanced maternal age or a known genetic disease (chromosome or single gene disease); certain DNA tests and analyzes are performed.

  • Increased Risk Of Chromosome Anomaly In Screening Test During Pregnancy
  • Advanced Maternal Age Or In Cases Of Carrier Of A Known Genetic Disease (Chromosome Or Single Gene Disease):
  • Fast detection of common chromosomal anomalies such as Down-Syndrome (Trisomy 21) in amniocentesis sample by FISH (fluorescent in-situ hybridization) method,
  • Karyotype analysis and DNA analysis after long-term cell culture,
  • Fast detection of chromosomal anomalies with direct preparation in the coryon villus biopsy sample,
  • Karyotype analysis and DNA analysis after long-term cell culture,
  • Karyotype analysis and DNA analysis in fetal blood sample

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