Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a specialty that covers the diagnosis and treatment of physical and functional disorders in the musculoskeletal, nervous or cardiovascular systems. Physical therapy and rehabilitation applications may be useful and necessary if medical and surgical treatments are insufficient-ineffective-unnecessary, if the disease is likely to become chronic and progressive, if it affects daily life negatively or if disability has developed. Rehabilitation means to repair, repair, replace. These are the studies conducted for the patients and the disabled to maintain their social, occupational and physiological normal life and to have the maximum potential. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (FTR) Specialist is a medical doctor who has specialized training in physical medicine and rehabilitation for four to five years after six years of medical school education. Makes the diagnosis of musculoskeletal diseases and plans the treatment program.


What are the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation areas?

  • Acute and chronic pain management
  • Rheumatic diseases treatment and follow-up
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation and sports injuries
  • Rehabilitation of neurological and neuromuscular diseases
  • Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Metabolic bone diseases (Osteoporosis etc.)
  • Congenital or acquired joint and bone disorders
  • Postburn rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Geriatric rehabilitation

What are Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Practices?

An appropriate physical therapy program is planned according to the condition of the disease. Physical therapy should be done under the supervision of a specialist. This treatment program may include administration of drugs and physical therapy agents and one or more of therapeutic exercises.

Applicable Physical Therapy Methods:

  • Cold application,
  • Surface heat (infrared, hot pack, paraffin, swirl bath),
  • Deep heat (ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, radar),
  • Electrotherapy (tens, electrostimulation, vacuum-interference, diadynamic, galvanic-faradic current)
  • Hydrotherapy (contrast bath, spa treatment, underwater massage, electrogalvanic bath, whirlpool bath),
  • Mechanotherapy (mobilization and manipulation, traction, pneumatic compression, splint, brace, corset, bandage, cane, etc. supports),
  • Therapeutic exercise practices

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