Perinatology is also called 'Maternal-Fetal Medicine'. Gynecology and obstetrics specialization. It focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women and their unborn babies. His area of ??interest is problematic and high risk pregnancies.

Perinatologist, also called "Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist" or "Perinatology specialist", is a specialist after gynecology and obstetrics specialization. The perinatologist has received training to understand and treat complex, risky medical conditions related to pregnancy, involving the mother and her unborn baby. Topics dominated by a perinatologist are: diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy related problems, management of medical conditions during pregnancy, management of pre-pregnancy problems during pregnancy.

It is believed that the pregnancy will benefit from a perinatology examination in terms of risk management and treatment. Perinatologist, as an expert who understands and balances the risks of mother and baby, works with other specialties when necessary. Makes the organization for the newborn period and after. Perinatology focuses on pregnancy-related, medical, surgical and / or genetic complications. Perinatology deals with the planned pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, delivery, early and / or late postpartum periods. The purpose of Perinatology is to ensure the best health of mother and baby with follow-up and interventions that start before pregnancy and continue during pregnancy and after.

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