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We offer you our Painless Life Centers at the point of instant and permanent resolution of the pain-spasm - pain cycle that causes severe pain, loss of strength and movement restriction. Regardless of age, we appeal to every segment of society.


Painless and Drug Free Method

As you know, one of the most important reasons for experiencing pain is posture disorder. Posture disorder might be the primary source of all pain in the body.Just standing upright makes us feel more active and less tired.Posture disorders are the inability of the waist, legs and arms to maintain a balanced posture during physical activities such as sitting, standing, and walking. One of the most important methods we apply first is by giving the person "Body Awareness" , training about healthy posture and to raise awareness. The success rate of treatments depends on 50% people and 50% on physiotherapists. You will learn the correct exercises under the control of our specialist doctors in our Painless Life Centers and with our rehabilitation program, stretching of tense muscle groups will be provided. Let's examine one of the second important methods, GTOS Technique.

What is GTOS Therapy? 

GTOS therapy is a method used in acute or chronic pain that occurs in all soft tissues, i.e. muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments. GTOS therapy instantly and permanently resolves the pain-spasm-pain cycle that causes severe pain, loss of strength and movement limitations. GTOS therapy provides 92 percent patient satisfaction.In addition, this therapy method, which does not have any side effects other than rednesses that may occur on the skin, does not use surgery, drugs or needles. 

What accreditations does GTOS Therapy have?

The effectiveness of GTOS Therapy was approved by Boston University's report dated November 25, 1999. The GTOS Therapy method was also published in the paper with the signature of Prof. Dr. Whitney R. Powers on the subject of neuromuscular pain in “21. century has been nominated to be a therapy method.
Since 1999, A number of points in many cities of Turkey offered the use of those GTOs Therapy method, It can only be applied by physiotherapists who are specialized in their field and who have been awarded the title of GTOS Therapist with a training certificate.
The GTOS Therapy method is patented.

How does GTOS Therapy work?

GTOS Therapy is an effective complementary method to relieve pain complaints in all soft tissues.Including, back pain, lumbar hernia, neck pain, neck hernia, canal narrowing, leg pain, calcification, tendon injuries, muscle tear, back pain, spasm, ligament injuries, shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain, which has rapidly spread in recent years. It has been seen that it can provide benefits in many areas.

GTOS Therapy, a manual therapy systematic, consists of biomechanical corrections, posture and lifting techniques and personalized exercise protocols. It is based on applying the correct bass and frequency to the target area.In the GTOS Therapy method, which stimulates the painful point with the vibrations it sends, an approach based only on vibrations is followed without using any chemical, subcutaneous application such as injection, or components such as rays. Therefore, GTOS Therapy does not have any side effects.In this way, anyone who is young, old, pregnant, overweight, diabetic, who has undergone surgery or not can benefit from GTOS Therapy.

Acute or chronic muscle stiffness, pain complaints in areas such as waist, knee, neck, shoulder and back are aimed to be eliminated after just a few sessions with GTOS Therapy. Afterwards, long-term permanence is expected with the corrective and protective exercise program specially planned for the person.
We allocate a private hall for you.We offer our halls, which we disinfect again after each guest, for the use of only one client at a time. We allocate a hall, not a special square meter.

There is social distance, masks and hygiene; No panic! Let's overcome your pains together.


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