Mental Health and Diseases

Mental health and illnesses, also known as psychiatry, is a branch of science that studies how the brain functions. Although the concept of soul is a philosophical and religious approach, it is valued as a science that should be studied in our country.

No matter how different efforts a person finds himself in order to alleviate the situation of fighting psychological problems, these efforts will not be beneficial for a definitive solution. No matter what is done, the problems experienced will continue to circulate in the brain.

Psychiatry is not just a matter of reason and logic as it is thought. Because the brain is an organ that can work without our control, just like our other organs. Often times, although people try to control their feelings and thoughts, they are not very successful in this regard. Psychiatry is also fully concerned with correcting this distorted logic of work in which the brain is located.

  • Dementia (Dementia),
  • Alcohol And Other Substance Use Disorders,
  • Schizophrenia,
  • Mood Disorders,
  • Anxiety (Anxiety) Disorders,
  • Somatoform Disorders,
  • Sexual Dysfunctions,
  • Eating Disorders,
  • Sleeping Disorders,
  • Adaptation Disorders,
  • Personality Disorders,
  • Relationship Problems,
  • Marriage Problems.

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