Medical Pathology

Pathology is a branch of medicine that means the science of disease. By using special tests, It diagnoses diseases that occur in tissues and cells. Pathologist; evaluates the samples taken for diagnosis and prepares the reports indicating the diagnosis. Pathology tests are usually done to determine the diagnosis and stage of cancer. However, samples can be taken from all tissues in the body and examined with pathology tests and many diseases can be diagnosed. The pathology report states the diagnosis reached as a result of the examination made by the pathologist. The stage of the disease is written. If the diagnosis could not be made for some reasons, additional examinations and re-samples may be requested in the report.

The main field of study of pathology is to make the necessary examinations for definitive diagnosis of all kinds of diseases. However, there are also other areas of study:

  • Investigating diseases in animals and testing treatment methods,
  • Autopsy examination,
  • Conducting clinical and pathological studies together with biochemical, Microbiological,
  • Bioosy examinations.
  • Performing genetic examinations.

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