Medical Biochemistry

Biochemistry laboratory is used to analyze biochemical mechanisms in health and disease, prevention of diseases, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, prognosis and treatment with biological materials (serum, plasma, tissues and other body fluids), chemical and molecular biological methods, appropriate analyzes (tests). continues its activities within the scope of medical-specific laboratory science, which includes the examination of organ functions, selection and application of tests, medical interpretation of the results, consultation with clinicians, adapting to scientific developments and innovations and including laboratory diagnosis.

Tests Performed:

  • Enzymes (Serum)
  • Metabolites (Serum)
  • Electrolyte-mineral (Serum)
  • Lipid / Lipoprotein (Serum)
  • Proteins (Serum)
  • Anemia Panel (Serum)
  • Hormones (Serum)
  • Pregnancy Screening Tests (Serum)
  • Markers (Serum)
  • Drug Levels (Serum)
  • Hematological Tests (Whole Blood)
  • Coagulation Tests (EDTA Blood)
  • Pleural / Peritoneal Fluid
  • CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid)
  • Urine (Spot / 24 Hour) Tests
  • Card-test Panel (Urine) For Addiction Detection
  • Stool Analysis

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