Contact Lens

Contact lenses are used to correct visual disturbances, change eye color, or treat corneal diseases. Contact lenses have evolved from the 1800s to thin plastic corneal lenses made from blown glass lenses that completely covered the front of the pupil. Today, lens types and materials are diverse with the usage options they provide. An eye examination is performed by the ophthalmologist for the selection of contact lenses suitable for the eye structure. Lens type, degree, base curve and diameter to be used in examination are determined. To determine the fit, a lens with the closest diopter possible is attached at the same time. The movement, balance and average of the lens are examined.

Suitable Contact Lens Criteria

  • Contact lenses are designed to rest on the cornea. They stay in place mainly by adhering to the tear membrane covering the front of the eye and a little by the pressure of the eyelids.
  • As the eye blinks, the eyelid slides over the surface of the contact lens, causing the front to move slightly. This action allows the tears to provide the necessary lubrication and helps wash away debris.
  • Too tight lens does not move at all. May cause sensitivity in the eyes. At first the user may be comfortable, but his visual acuity is poor. It may cause complications in the long term.
  • Too loose lens, excessive movement. The lower eyelid feels the lens a lot. The image is blurred after blinking. The lens escapes from the center. Lens edges may be curled.
  • The lens suitable for the eye is well centered and covers the cornea.
  • The lens should move lightly for tear circulation.
  • The user should see clearly and comfortably, not feel the lens.
  • Vision should not change after blinking.
  • The edge strip should not put pressure on the eyes.
  • Should not be used with contact lenses. It should not be entered into the sea or pool.
  • When wearing contact lenses causes a feeling of redness or stinging in your eyes, you should immediately remove the lens and consult a doctor.

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