Child Health And Diseases

The department of pediatric health and diseases, also known as pediatrics, is a branch of science that deals with the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of individuals involved in the process from birth to adolescence. Congenital diseases of people defined as children between the ages of 0 and 18, vaccine follow-up that should be applied regularly after birth, mental, physical and motor development are followed by pediatricians. In the routine examinations carried out in this process, many processes such as the development of the babies' height, weight, nutrition and similar development as well as the development of daily life skills, expression and understanding, neurological and psychological developments are checked and followed. Pediatric health and disease physicians specialize in pediatrics for 4 years after receiving 6 years of medical school education. There are many sub-branches of the child health and diseases department.

What Does the Pediatrician's Job Description Cover?

  • To inform parents and community members about the measures that can be taken to protect against diseases,
  • To obtain information about the medical history of the patients,
  • Requesting relevant tests such as x-ray, ultrasound, blood or urine required for the diagnosis and treatment of possible diseases,
  • Explain the procedure, test results and treatment methods to the patients and parents,
  • To diagnose and treat problems such as behavioral disorders, eating problems, bed wetting in children,
  • To treat various diseases such as infections, neurological problems, allergies, digestive system and muscle diseases,
  • To monitor the condition and progress of the patients, to re-evaluate the treatments when necessary,
  • To examine patients regularly to evaluate the growth and development of patients,
  • Planning and implementing medical care programs to assist the mental and physical development of children and adolescents,
  • To apply vaccines to babies and children to protect them from diseases,
  • Referring patients to other specialists when necessary,

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