Brain And Nerve Surgery

It is a surgical specialty that treats neurosurgery and peripheral nervous system disorders. Brain tumors, aneurysm surgery, waist, neck and spinal cord trauma surgery, head trauma surgery, treatment of waist and neck hernias, and neurosurgery services are among the services.

  • Tumors That Originate From Inside The Brain Or Spinal Cord Tissue Or Cause Problems By Pressing It From The Outside,
  • Aneurysm (Ballooning) Of The Vessels Feeding The Brain Tissue Or The Spinal Cord, Arteriovenous Malformation,
    Ailments Such As Cavernoma, Stenosis In The Neck Vessels That We Call Carotid Stenosis,
  • Disorders During The Formation Of The Nervous System Such As Meningomyelocele Associated With Birth,
  • An Increase In The Amount Of Fluid In The Brain Cavities, Called Hydrocephalus,
  • Especially Herniated Disc, All Kinds Of Spinal Diseases,
  • Head And Spinal Cord Injuries,
  • Brain Vascular Occlusions
  • Celebral Hemorrhage

Brain and Nerve Surgery deals with the surgical treatment of the above topics.

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