About Meditrina


Hello to Dear Guests and Everyone.

I wish a world free from the difficult conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic to companies, each from a different country, that have proven their success in their field under the umbrella of Medical Tourism, and I hope that it will be a good 2021 season.

The Institution that I represent;

  • It hosts Health Tourists in metropolitan cities of Turkey with the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.
  • It hosts 1.650.000 health tourists in diagnosis-treatment-surgery health services in 2020; with 122 Public Hospitals, 471 Private Hospitals and Medical Centers, 52 Public University and Foundation Hospitals, 169 Oral and Dental Health Clinics, and 6717 surgeons/specialist doctor who has expertise in its own field of medicine.
  • It has the largest, wide-ranging organizational infrastructure and strong staff in Turkey's legal health tourism; Meditrina Health & Hygia Med is a Healthcare & Well-Being Company.

Meditrina Health & Hygia Med,

It provides diagnosis-treatment-surgery-aesthetic health services with doctors who have expertise and experience in the clinical services of each of the medical disciplines such as Face & Body Aesthetics, Gynecological Surgery & Genital Aesthetics, Obesity Surgery, Hair Transplantation, Oral and Dental Aesthetic Surgery.

It provides operating rooms with the latest and advanced technological infrastructure, an intensive care unit, luxury rooms of 25-75 m2, and translators specially assigned to our foreign patients.

Diagnostic-Treatment-Surgical Health Services of Our Institution have 2 Concepts:

1) We serve clinical services of the departments of Medicine that require specialization in the metropolitan cities of Turkey. (Macro-Treatments)

2) We provide services of "Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Oral and Dental Aesthetic and Surgery, Eye Health and Diseases, Gynecology, Face and Body Aesthetic, Hair Transplantation with the concept of "Health and Vacation Together" in the Aegean Region and Mediterranean Region coastal cities.

In addition;

Our Institution provides V.I.P services in line with all their needs in branches other than our main business, which provides diagnosis-treatment-surgery services to our patients.

1) Emergency Health Service within the borders of Turkey with the TURKEY EMERGENCY HEALTH CARD.

It is valid for all our foreign patients who are our customers and all foreigners who will travel to Turkey within the borders of Turkey and it covers people against all kinds of medical problems that may develop suddenly. The name of our card is the TURKEY EMERGENCY HEALTH CARD and it is health insurance with a coverage of 30,000 Euros with multiple entries from 92 days to 186 days within the scope of the optional same card. As Meditrina & Hygia Med health family, we present the TURKISH EMERGENCY HEALTH CARD to our customers as the only one in our country with the slogan "If you have a Turkey Emergency Health Card, you don’t need a Hero in Turkey".

In case of having a card, we keep the cardholder away from the worry of sudden health problems. We do not leave cardholders alone with the EMERGENCY service call center in all health problems such as possible accidents, crises, also trauma, and we provide health comfort in Turkey in every sense with the right of 10% discount for all health services they will receive from our organization.

2) As Hygia Travel; we provide V.I.P Transfer. Hotels for Every Budget. Flight Tickets.

3) As Meditrina Health; we provide the Best Centers for Thermal and Rehabilitation. Best Centers for Yoga and Meditation Retreats.

          We serve our international patients and our customers who feel special.

The vision of Our Institution abroad,

Office opening works in 7 countries included England, Russia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Qatar continues.

Our Baku Office is in June 2021.

Our London Office is in August 2021.

Our Moscow Office is planned to be start service in September 2021.

As Meditrina Health & Hygia Med, the demands about the Promotion-Marketing-Sales representation of our institution, which come from many countries, are proud.

Demanded Foreign Representative Appointment negotiations and evaluations are ongoing.

I hope it will be a safe world where we live for health & wellbeing.

Meditrina Health & Hygia Med


Turkey Health Services Operations Officer.

Himmet SEVİL.

International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate
A Group Tourism Agency

Best Regards,

''a VIP touch to your Health.''